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Video and social reviews help your customers view your brand as more trustworthy, positively impacting their purchase decisions.
We’ve made it super easy to help you collect and showcase them.
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People's Purchase Decisions Are Heavily Influenced By Reviews

are convinced by reviews to purchase
are willing to leave reviews when asked

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It’s simple for anyone, including your happy customers, to leave a video or text review. It can all be done from their own browsers, no download or login needed!
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Quick and easy setup

Collect reviews in less than a minute! A review collection page will be created for your account; share your page link via email, WhatsApp, Telegram, social media and more, and watch those reviews roll in!
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No website? No problem

A Wall Of Love showcasing all of your favorite reviews will be available for you to engage your customers with.
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Embed your reviews

No coding required! Easily showcase your reviews on your own website by copy-pasting a single line of HTML Code. No-code platforms like Wordpress, Shopify, Webflow etc. are supported too.

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Auto-updated social reviews

Ravely will automatically publish positive new reviews* you get on Google with no extra effort on your part, it’s all hassle-free ;)

*Automated review moderation by Ravely is valid for paid plans only

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